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Auto generation of Organization Chart [Employee/Designation wise]
Manpower Budget Workflow
Competency Framework
Job Description
Manpower Request Workflow
Publishing of Job Vacancies on Job Portal (linked to your website) and Career Center (for Employees)
Resume submission on Job Portal (for External Applicants) and Career Center (for Employees)
Resume Search - facility of searching and sorting applicants
System Generated Letters / Emails - Interview and Test Call letters, Offer Letters, Regret Letters, etc
e-Testing – Competency based
Interview Format and Process Designer
System generated interview schedules and e-mails to Applicants / Interviewers
System managed transfer of applicant profile to employee profile at the time of hiring
Hiring Checklist
Behavioral Profiling
Capability Profiling
Management of Employee Profile
Detailed information related to family, qualification, company provided assets, awards, skills, memberships, dependents, experiences, disciplinary, action, education, transfer, history, trainings, increments history etc.
Employee Medical Reimbursement
Employee Document Manager-You can move to a completely paperless environment, saving all documents, communication with employees, etc
Company Documents-Policies, SOPs etc may be uploaded for employees to view on ESS Portal Employee level security can also be configure if all employee don't have right to view a certain document
Employee Profile-Change Request Workflow
Employee previous tenure history (if rehired)
Employee Transfer (Intra-company) Workflow
Help Desk
Asset Pool Management (Assigned / Unassigned)
Asset Expiry Alerts
Asset Inspection (prior to handing over assets to another Employee)
Inbound integration with attendance machines
Holiday Calendar – National and Festival holidays
Finalization of Attendance for payroll processing
Flexibility to manage over 100 types of shifts
Roster Workflow
Overtime Request Workflow
Attendance / Penalty Adjustment Workflow – for adjusting Time In, Time Out or Attendance Status (Late In / Early Out / Half Day / Full Day)
Leave Workflow
Personalized Email Alerts
Management of Fixed and Claim Based Expenses
Expense Request Workflow (for Claim Based Expenses)
e-Nominations, - You don’t have to worry about managing paperwork, nor approvals for employees being nominated
Expense Request Workflow (for Claim Based Expenses)
Training Need Analysis - Using People.Partners, organizations can identify employee training needs at the time of ‘Joining (for orientation)’, Probation Evaluation, Appraisal Evaluation, as well as through 360 Degree Surveys
Management of Training Calendars of Employees
Management of Internal and External Training Courses
Management of Training Budgets
Training Manager (Recurring Courses) – Policy based
Training Manager (Orientation Courses) – Policy based
Tracking of employee attendance in trainings
Training Evaluations – Design Your own criteria for evaluating the quality of trainings; Evaluation by employees for training courses attended
Training Effectiveness Feedbacks – Design your own criteria for evaluating the impact of trainings on employees; Evaluation of trainee by manager to determine Training Effectiveness
Probation Evaluation Designer – You can design your own format for evaluating employees after completion of their probation period
Appraisal Evaluation Designer - You can design your own format for evaluating employees annually
Performance Reviews – Conduct periodical Performance Reviews (as per user-defined frequency)
Training Need Analysis – Auto identification of ‘Training Needs’ based on competency scores
Increment Policy (for Appraisal Evaluation Process) – The system suggests increments based on employees’ total achievement
9 Box Performance-Potential Matrix
What and How Analysis
Identification of potential successors
Nomination of potential successors
Creation and Tracking of Development plan of potential successors
Rater Groups Definition
Strengths and Weaknesses (identification criteria)
TNA Policy
Competency Portfolio Report – Detailed analysis of an employee’s strengths and areas for development
Survey Publishing – Open (Employee ID is saved) and Anonymous (Employee ID is not saved)
Survey Respondents Selection – Based on Department, Designation, Grade, etc
Graphical Analysis of Survey results
Graphical Analysis of Survey results
Notice Period and Penalty handling
Exit Interview Designer
Exit Clearance Workflow
Resignation Workflow
Employee Transfer (Inter-company) – Employee separation from one company and transfer to another
Hiring Checklist
Employee Information (Self and Sub-ordinates)
Company Documents
Medical Reimbursement
Help Desk
Employee Transfers (Intra-company) – Request and Approval
Employee Profile (Change Request) – Creation and Approval
HR Planning
Manpower Budget Creation - Request and Approval
Manpower Request – Creation and Approval
Assessment & Feedback
Behavioral Assessment
Capability Assessment
Leave and Attendance
Leave - Request and Approval
Roster – Request and Approval
Overtime - Request and Approval
Attendance / Penalty Adjustment - Request and Approval
Timesheet Entries
Time Analysis
Expenses – Request and Approval
Probation Evaluation
Appraisal Evaluation
Performance Reviews
360° Survey
360° Survey Feedback
Training Nomination Workflow
Training Evaluation
Training Effectiveness Feedback
Survey Feedback
Resignation Submission and Approval
Exit Clearance
Payroll Month
User-defined, One standard period for the entire company
Automated Tax Calculations
User-defined Tax Slabs
Tax Assumption Feature
Tax Returns and Salary Certificates
Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions, PF year end process, PF ledger, PF statement, Profit distribution, PF withdrawal
Social Security
Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
Old Age Benefits
Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
Loans Management
User-Defined Loan Types, Loan against PF, Loan against Gratuity
Bonus [With / Without Salary]
Processing of Non-Salary Allowances
Processing of Non-Salary Allowances
Payslip Distribution
Bulk Printing
On ESS Portal
Via Email
Final Statement
Auto-Calculation of Encashable leaves, Tax, Gratuity, Notice Period Payments & Deduction