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People.Partners (Enterprise Edition) offers a complete end-to-end solution for medium and large organizations to truly enable the use of Technology for integration with their Talent Acquisition and Development Strategy. With Assessments and Culture Management, You, our Customer can take your Applicant and Employee Journey to a level that will differentiate you from YOUR competitors!

Organizations often have a hard time budgeting and tracking their head count. Without critical Manpower planning, even the best of us can take a hit.

People.Partners helps convert Talent Strategies into Specific Plans and Budgets. Our Smart and Strategic design combined with the tools for both high level planning as well as details of acquisition, development, management and operations enables the users to specify actions and resources required to bring the strategies to life.
  • Auto generation of Organization Chart [Employee / Designation wise]
  • Manpower Budget
    • Head Count & Salary (Month Wise)
  • Competency Framework
  • Job Description
Hiring and Separation is an ongoing process in any organization. Huge time is spent on determining hiring needs, posting job vacancies, filtering suitable candidates, getting them tested and interviewed. If your organization is doing the same and feels it wasting time, then clearly it is in need of a better solution.

This is where People.Partners comes in. Now you don’t need to go through the time consuming process of determining and processing job vacancies, neither do you need to spend time in filtering hundreds of resumes. You can search resumes based on multiple criteria and send call and rejection letters from a single click, saving up to 90% of your time. Manage multiple interviews and let the system generate the top candidates list. Hire the right people with the right skill set in shortest time.

Once finalized, the candidate can be issued an Offer Letter through the sys and a hiring checklist process ensures that all “things to do” (before and after the candidate’s date of joining) are completed on time with transparency.
  • Manpower Request Workflow
  • Publishing of Job Vacancies on Career Centre (linked to your website)
  • Resume submission on Career Centre
  • Resume Bank – Facility of searching and sorting applicants
  • System Generated Letters / emails - Interview and Test Call letters, Courtesy Letters, etc.
  • e-Testing – Competency based
  • Interview Format and Process Designer
  • System generated Interview Schedules and e-mails to Applicants / Interviewers
  • System Generated Letters – Offer letters, Appointment letters etc.
  • System managed transfer of applicant profile to employee profile at the time of hiring
  • Hiring Checklist
Behavioral Profiling

Our clients benchmark the behaviors required for success both as a team or in a specific job. Then use compatibility assessments when making selection, promotion and mobility decisions.

The behavioral profiling tools and reports are also used for employee, team and leadership development. The reports help in the understanding of self and others and provide recommendations on development. Our clients also use the reports to help their personal, team, sales and leadership effectiveness programs.

Capability Profiling

How quickly a new recruit learns new procedures and reacts to change can mean the difference between success and failure in their job. And a CV can only tell you so much. But it can't tell you who will hit the ground running and make an early impact in the role.

The capability assessment measures a person's mental horsepower. And by understanding how quickly your candidates can learn and retain new skills and procedures, you will have a reliable prediction of their potential to grasp or develop into a new role. You'll also get an indication of how well they'll respond to training. The Assessment will assist organizations in:
  • Identifying High Potentials, helping in creating the Leaders of Tomorrow.
  • Understanding your employee’s capabilities.
  • Developing your performer’s by giving them the right challenges.
Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence measures the interaction between a person and the environment he/she operates in. Assessing and evaluating an individual’s emotional intelligence can help establish the need for targeted development programs and measures. This, in turn, can lead to dramatic increases in the person’s performance, interaction with others, and leadership potential.
The assessment is versatile in workplace environments and can be used by employers as a screening tool in hiring, leading to the selection of emotionally intelligent, emotionally healthy, and the most-likely successful employees. Supplemented by other sources of information, such as interviews, the assessment can make the recruitment and selection process more reliable and efficient. A sound recruiting process leads to higher retention rates and reduced turnover which can result in significant cost savings, improved employee effectiveness and increased morale
Maintaining and tracking employee related information like medical reimbursements, transfer history etc. can certainly take up lot of productive time. Having loads of files to maintain the paperwork further ads to the woes.

PEOPLE.PARTNERS allows organizations to keep record of any Document related to an employee. From email correspondents, to increment letters, all can be saved. With policy oriented controls, deviations from entitlements can be monitored, as well as stopped altogether, depending on the level of flexibility allowed in your organizations rules.
  • Management of Employee Profile
    • Detailed information related to family, qualifications, company provided assets, awards, skills, memberships, dependents, experiences, disciplinary actions, education, transfer history, trainings, increments history etc.
  • Employee Medical Reimbursement
  • Employee Documents Manager – You can move to a completely paperless environment, saving all documents, communication with employees, etc.
  • Company Documents – Policies, SOPs etc. may be uploaded for Employees level security can also be configured if all employees do not have rights to view a certain document.
  • Employee Profile – Change Request Workflow
  • Employee Transfers (Intra-company) Workflow
  • Help Desk
For any organization with more than a hundred employees, it becomes difficult to manage employee leaves and attendance. With leaves alone, the paperwork can be a killer!

PEOPLE.PARTNERS integrates with almost any Attendance machine and allows seamless approvals via not just ESS Portal, but email as well.
  • Inbound Integration with attendance machines
  • Holiday Calendar – National and Festival holidays
  • Finalization of Attendance for payroll processing
  • Management of over 100 types of Shifts
  • Roster Workflow
  • Overtime Request Workflow
  • Attendance / Penalty Adjustment Workflow – for adjusting Time In, Time Out or Attendance Status (Late In / Early Out / Half Day)
  • Leave Workflow
  • Approval via Email
    • Leave Requests
    • Attendance / Penalty Adjustment Requests
    • OT Requests
Using PEOPLE.PARTNERS, you can assign and track Assets given to employees.

You can stop worrying about maintenance for a specific Asset, or ending of an asset’s life. The system will give you the necessary alerts for each respective action.
  • Asset Pool Management (Assigned / Unassigned)
  • Asset Expiry Alerts
  • Asset Audit prior to handing over to another Employee
In order to ensure a competent and well developed manpower, it becomes imperative to continuously invest in employees. Monitoring Employee Training Plans and measuring the outcome of investment can prove to be a cumbersome task unless properly managed.

People.Partners addresses this issue in two ways:
  • E-Nominations - You don’t have to worry about managing paperwork, nor approvals for employees being nominated.
  • Identifying Training Need - Using People.Partners organizations can identify employee training needs at the time of ‘Joining (for orientation)’, Probation Evaluation, Appraisal Evaluation, as well as through 360 Degree Surveys.
  • Management of Training Calendars of Employees
  • Management of Internal and External Training Courses
  • Tracking of employee attendance in trainings
  • Management of Training Budgets
  • Training Need Analysis
    • Performance Manager (Probation Evaluation)
    • Performance Manager (Appraisal Evaluation)
    • 360° Survey
    • Training Manager (Recurring Courses) – Policy based
    • Training Manager (Orientation Courses) – Policy based
  • Training Evaluations – Design Your own criteria for evaluating the quality of trainings; Evaluation by employees for training courses attended
  • Training Effectiveness Feedbacks – Design your own criteria for evaluating the impact of trainings on employees; Evaluation of trainee by manager to determine Training Effectiveness.
Managers track progress and provide feedback throughout the performance period as well as evaluate performance at the end of the period. What’s more, the system makes it easy for managers to ensure alignment. Integration with HR systems such as the competency framework, rewards, assessments and development help ensure that our performance management does what it is meant to, help increase performance.
  • Probation Evaluation
    • Probation Evaluation Designer – This enables you to design your own format for evaluating employees after completion of their probation period.
  • Appraisal Evaluation
    • Appraisal Evaluation Designer – You can design your own format for evaluating employees annually.
    • Increment Policy (for Appraisal Evaluation Process) – The system suggests increments based on employees’ total achievement.
  • Performance Reviews
    • Conduct periodical Performance Reviews (as per user-defined frequency)
  • Performance Journal
    • Engage your staff in performance discussions to make Target
    • Achievement and Employee Development a reality!
  • Training Need Analysis
    • Automatic identification of ‘Training Needs’ based on competency scores
  • Training Plan Facilitation
    • Managers can nominate employees for the in-house trainings available as well as recommend for open enrollment trainings
  • 9 Box Performance-Potential Matrix
  • What and How Analysis
When talking about 360 Survey, most organizations would simply shy away from this process due to the time and cost required. Softronic’s 360 Survey eliminates all painful aspects of conducting the 360 Survey manually. It automatically Identifies the pool of employees to whom the Survey needs to be published, and tabulates the results itself, with complete anonymity of the employees giving feedback. The system doesn’t save their information at all.
  • Rater Groups Definition - Managers, Peers & Sub-ordinates
  • Result Processing Conditions
  • Strengths and Weaknesses (identification criteria)
  • TNA Policy
  • Competency Portfolio Report – Detailed analysis of an employee’s strengths and areas for development
Is your team spending more time than required on projects? Is employee productivity headed in the right direction?

If you don’t have all the answers, timesheet will help you manage and monitor the time w.r.t various projects and tasks.
For management of various expenses such as related to official travelling, miscellaneous expenses, etc. organizations typically use paper based approvals for reimbursing employees.

PEOPLE.PARTNERS allows employees to get their expense requests raised and approved online.
  • Management of Fixed and Claim Based Expenses
  • Expense Request Workflow (for Claim Based Expenses)
Survey has been one of the most commonly used tool for gauging and addressing ‘Employee Satisfaction’. Using PEOPLE.PARTNERS, you can design your own questionnaire and publish it to Employees. With the option to maintain anonymity, respondent information never gets saved.
  • Survey Publishing – Open (Employee ID is saved) and Anonymous (Employee ID is not saved)
  • Survey Respondents Selection – Based on Department, Designation, Grade, etc.
  • Graphical Analysis of Survey results
Organizations can be adversely affected if they don’t have a contingency plan for their key employees. What if your key marketing person gave his resignation tomorrow and your organization didn’t have a backup?

Succession Planning is a module meant to deal with this problem, along with facilitating you in the career development of your key employees.

PEOPLE.PARTNERS provides you the flexibility to define the parameters on which you wish to identify successors for various positions and then provides you the facility to create a development plan for them.
  • Identification of potential successors
  • Nomination of potential successors
  • Creation and Tracking of Development plan of potential successors
A learning organization encourages employees to share knowledge and ideas on different forums. Such creative individuals are even rewarded for their ideas.

Collaboration module allows you to create different forums for encouraging knowledge and idea sharing. It also helps to preserve the repository of the organization’s knowledge, ultimately helping the organization in the long-term.
Employee Turnover is a natural phenomenon in any organization. PEOPLE.PARTNERS gives you comprehensive statistics for strategically analyzing the root cause of turnover and addressing it to retain your key talent and reduce the cost of inductions and training of new staff.

People.Partners allows organizations to manage Exit Interviews, analyze the reasons why employees are leaving the organization and subsequently provides valuable insight to the management.

Further, organizations can also automate their Exit Clearance process, where pre-defined authorities can fill in electronic forms.
  • Notice Period and Penalty handling
  • Exit Interview Designer
  • Exit Clearance Workflow
  • Resignation Workflow
  • Employee Transfer (Inter-company) – Employee separation from one company and transfer to another
Payroll Month
  • User-defined
  • One standard period for the entire company
One-time Allowances – Upload via excel
Automated Overtime / Ex-Gratia calculations

  • Automated Tax Calculations;
  • User-defined Tax Slabs and Marginal Relief policy
  • Tax Forecasting & Tax Assumption feature
  • Tax Returns & Salary Certificates
  • Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
  • PF year end process
  • PF ledger
  • PF statement
  • Profit distribution
  • PF withdrawal
Social Security
  • Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
Old Age Benefits

  • Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
Loans and Advance Management
  • User-Defined Loan Types
  • Loan against PF
  • Loan against Gratuity
Bonus [With / Without Salary]
Processing of Non-Salary Allowances

Payslip Distribution
  • Bulk Printing
  • On ESS Portal
  • Via Email
Final Statement
  • Auto-Calculation of Encashable leaves
  • Auto-Calculation of Tax
  • Auto-Calculation of Gratuity
  • Auto-Calculation of Notice Period Payments and Deductions
“HR Department do this”. “HR Department do that”. Without fail, all HR Employees feel the brunt of unnecessary work load due to constant employee queries.

Often times, it’s just stuff like processing leave requests which alone may require dedicated staff. Wouldn’t it be great if employees had access to their information, their training nominations, Employee Handbook, ability to raise e-leave requests, even approve these online?

In order to directly and significantly improve the productivity of the HR Department and All Employees when it comes to making Requests and Approvals, we introduce our ‘Employee Self Service Portal’ which takes the ‘HR Self Service’ concept to a whole new level.