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People.Partners (SME Edition) is a perfect solution for an SME, with 1 click payroll processing and covering core HR Processes for running an effective HR Department!

Maintaining and tracking employee related information like medical reimbursements, transfer history etc. can certainly take up lot of productive time. Having loads of files to maintain the paperwork further ads to the woes.

PEOPLE.PARTNERS allows organizations to keep record of any Document related to an employee. From email correspondents, to increment letters, all can be saved. All of this can be done without any third part email software license.

  • Management of Employee Profile
    • Detailed information related to family, qualifications, awards, skills, memberships, dependents, experiences, disciplinary actions, education, etc.
  • Employee Documents Manager – You can move to a completely paperless environment, saving all documents, communication with employees, etc.
  • Company Documents – Policies, SOPs etc. may be uploaded for employees to view on ESS Portal. Employee level security can also be configured if all employees do not have rights to view a certain document.
  • Employee Transfers (Intra-company)
  • Employee previous tenure history (if rehired)
For any organization with more than a hundred employees, it becomes dicult to manage employee leaves and attendance. With leaves alone, the paperwork can be a killer!

People.Partners integrates with almost any Attendance machine. It allows you to define Leaves related Workflows for quick approvals. It can also handle multiple shifts with no limit. Using the Roster feature, you may create a pattern and copy it on multiple employees.
  • Inbound integration with attendance machines.
  • Holiday Calendar – National and Festival holidays
  • Finalization of Attendance for payroll processing
  • Flexibility to manage over 100 types of shifts
  • Roster Management
  • Overtime Request Workflow
  • Attendance / Penalty Adjustment Workflow – For adjusting Time In, Time Out or Attendance Status (Late In / Early Out / Half Day / Full Day)
  • Leave Workflow
  • Approval via Email
    • Leave Requests
    • Attendance / Penalty Adjustment Requests
Employee Turnover is a natural phenomenon in any organization. PEOPLE.PARTNERS gives you comprehensive statistics for strategically analyzing the root cause of turnover and addressing it to retain your key talent and reduce the cost of inductions and training of new sta‑.
  • Notice Period and Penalty handling
Payroll Month
  • User-defined
  • One standard period for the entire company
One-time Allowances – Upload via excel
Automated Overtime / Ex-Gratia calculations

  • Automated Tax Calculations;
  • User-defined Tax Slabs and Marginal Relief policy
  • Tax Forecasting & Tax Assumption feature
  • Tax Returns & Salary Certificates
  • Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
  • PF year end process
  • PF ledger
  • PF statement
  • Profit distribution
  • PF withdrawal
Social Security
  • Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
Old Age Benefits

  • Automatic deduction of Employee and Employer Contributions
Bonus [With / Without Salary]
Processing of Non-Salary Allowances

Final Statement
  • Auto-Calculation of Encashable leaves
  • Auto-Calculation of Tax
  • Auto-Calculation of Gratuity
  • Auto-Calculation of Notice Period Payments and Deductions
“HR Department do this, HR Department do that”. Without fail, all HR Employee’s feels the brunt of

unnecessary work load due to constant employee queries.

Often times, it’s just stuff like processing leave requests which alone may require dedicated staff. Wouldn’t it be great if employees had access to their information, their training nominations, Employee Handbook, ability to raise e-leave requests, even approve these online?

In order to directly and significantly improve the productivity of the HR Department and All Employees when it comes to making Requests and Approvals, we introduce our ‘Employee Self Service Portal’ which takes the ‘HR Self Service’ concept to a whole new level.

Personnel Manager
  • Employee Information (Self and Sub-ordinates)
  • Company Documents
Leave Manager
  • Leave - Request and Approval
Attendance Manager
  • Attendance / Penalty Adjustment - Request and Approval
  • OT Request – Creation and Approval
  • Reports
    • Pay slip
    • Tax Computation